Challenges of radiation safety in Africa

  • Inadequate / Lack of adherence to institutional clinical practice guidelines
  • Minimal funding and engagement in radiological research
  • Lack of policies and regulation in the training and practice of radiation medicine profession.
  • Inadequate awareness of the radiology safety policies
  • Non-adherence to laid-down procedures for procurement, maintenance, decommissioning and disposal of radiology equipment.


  • Available training institution
  • Established professional bodies
  • Radiation-monitoring of workers, public and environment
  • Existing regional and international linkages ; Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear center (CBRN), WHO, IAEA


  • Inadequate knowledge, poor attitude and practice in radiation safety
  • Financial constraints for quality assurance programs
  • Inequitable distribution of radiation facilities and skilled personnel
  • Absence of regulatory bodies in some countries.
  • Lack of guidelines and imaging appropriateness criteria.


  • Existing linkages and collaborations with international bodies and radiological societies
  • Networking within Africa
  • Similar campaigns and interventions in other parts of the world like EuroSafe, Image Gently
  • Emerging economies


  • Political instability and insecurity
  • Rapid increase in population growth, increase in disease burden and emerging diseases.