Information for Health workers


Radiation is an essential part of patient management and hence has been used widely in medicine. With its wide use and applications, it calls for a public health approach to minimize the risks involved. The following consideration is important to guide health professionals in radiation safety for their patients, the general public as well as themselves.

Justification of the required examination; clinicians should consider the benefits vs risks involved.

Right examination; the right examination requested would avoid unnecessary repeats as well as other organs being irradiated unnecessarily.

Meticulous technique; this includes optimization of protocols, use of ALARA and other principles that would maintain low dose, shielding and other methods of radiation.

Environs and personal safety; health workers should ensure personal safety through proper monitoring, use of PPE as well as preventing radiation leakages.

Some radiological examinations do not use no ionizing radiation such as Ultrasound and MRI