Strategic Objectives

Objective 1: Strengthen the overall radiation protection of patients, health workers and public 8 and 10 – Radiation safety culture and implementation
a) Enhance quality assurance programs in medical exposures
a) Each country to maintain a register of all radiation workers and their annual cumulative doses, the radiation-emitting equipment
b) Standardize radiation monitoring of workers and radiological facilities
c) Regular monitoring and documentation of radiation sources by the institutions and submission to regulatory bodies
Objective 2: Safe and appropriate use of ionizing radiation in medicine. 1, 4 and 8 – Justification, education and training of health worker, radiation safety culture
a) Policy guidelines on the safe use of radiation from the community to national level
b) Regulations to standardize the practice of all radiation workers (code of conduct)
c) Institutionalize the role of medical physicists in radiation medicine
d) Institutionalize appropriateness criteria
e) Develop and introduce radiation protection teaching modules into medical curricula
f) Continuous professional development and training on radiation protection at all levels
Objective 3: Help improve the benefit/risk dialogue with patients and the public 6 and 9 – Global informationBenefit-risk dialogue
a) Awareness creation of radiation safety through public lectures, print and electronic media
b) Regular reporting of radiation dose analyses in publications, seminars and conferences
Objective 4: Enhance the safety and quality of radiological procedures in medicine 2 and 7 – Optimization, prevention of incidents/accidents through audit
a) Improve image quality through clinical-specific facility protocols
b) Documentation of patients’ radiation doses in all procedures in order to develop dose data (radiation dose tracking)
c) Regular audit of imaging techniques
d) Encourage reporting of incidents and accidents in radiation protection
Objective 5: Encourage safety in radiological equipment and facilities 3 – Manufacturer’s role
a) Enforce procurement procedures as per national regulation
b) Regular maintenance and calibration of equipment
c) Enforce radiation safety in facility layout
d) Ensure safety features in radiation equipment
Objective 6: Promote research in radiation protection and safety 5 – Research
a) Prioritize research in radiation safety at institutional and national level
b) Increase research grants in radiation issues